Common adjustment techniques that Chiropractor use

Ever since chiropractic care begun, it has always performed different kinds of adjustments on different patients. Some of the common adjustments that have been carried out mostly include the manipulation of the spine so as to relieve patients of the pain that they are going through and also to overly improve their joint functions. These practitioners have mastered the skill to know how to make use of their hands so as to ensure that their patients are feeling better in no time. When it comes to the kind of treatment that they make use of, it was found that they tend to tailor in a number of different treatments that mostly focus on the needs of a particular patient Kinetic of Burlington Sports Massage.  

Most of these treatment options are considered to be safe even though patients are usually advised to first ask if there are any risks that are involved. Before you agree to undergo any kind of adjustment, it is important for you to find out all the risks that are going to be involved in the entire process. The most common adjustment techniques that are used include the following: 

  • The activator technique 

In this technique, the Chiropractor is going to make use of a handheld instrument which is going to work by delivering a gentle impulse onto the vertebral segments of the patient’s spine. When it is used for the treatment of lower back pain, the force usually feels more of a thumping sensation. It has been found to be a very comfortable technique especially when it is applied to seniors.  

  • The Gonstead technique 

This technique is usually achieved when the patient lies on their side and slowly adjusting either the pelvis or the lower back. Most of the time, Chiropractor make use of this kind of technique in the realignment of joints, reduce stiffness and pain as well as increase the mobility of a given patient.  

  • Flexiondistraction 

This is the most common technique especially when it comes to the treatment of facet joint pain, the treatment of disc herniations, scoliosis and other similar conditions. As they are receiving their treatment, patients tend to feel a kind of stretching motion been applied to them.  

  • The diversified technique 

This kind of technique is mostly applied when it comes to the adjustment of the extremities and the spine and has also been found to be similar to the Gonstead technique. This technique is said to be very precise mainly because of the use of hand-thrusts. The main aim of such a technique is for the proper alignment of the patient’s spine as well as the restoration of proper movement. With the right Chiropractor, you should be able to reap the benefits that come with such a technique.  

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