Benefits Of Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates are a number of exercises that are derived from the method which are meant specifically to be performed on a mat. The Pilates exercises were introduced by Joseph Pilates to assist patients who were bedridden after taking part in the First World War. The Pilates exercises were originally meant for people recovering but they have been introduced even to people with special exercise needs like the elderly and expectant mothers. One big advantage of mat Pilates exercises is that they can be performed at any place provided that one has a mat. The mat Pilates exercise tones the body, burns fat and enhances mental health. This article will describe various benefits of mat Pilate exercises as follows:

1 Physical Benefits of Mat Pilates

The core reason of using Mat Pilates exercises is to strengthen the body?s powerhouse. According to Pilate explanation, the powerhouse includes your abdominals, lower back muscles, hip muscles and plvic muscles. When you perform a number of mat Pilates exercises, you help your body in toning, building and strengthening your muscles. The exercises further enhance your posture as you stretch. The mat Pilates exercises are helpful for those who want to burn the fats and reduce body weight.

  • Whole body fitness-mat Pilates offers physical benefits for the whole body. The exercises enhance strength, body balance and muscle building. Additionally, the mat Pilate workout increase muscle range of motion and


  • Adaptability– the mat exercises are adaptable to various situations and individual unique needs. The mat Pilate exercises can be modified to fit each client?s needs.
  • Flexibility-the mat Pilates is meant to increase strength of muscles while at the same time increasing the range of motion.
  • Improvement of posture-The mat Pilates exercises improves the body posture because the exercises teach the body to express itself with strength and harmony.
  • Increases energy– when you embark on mat pilates exercise, you regain a lot of energy and you feel like continuing with the process.
  • Promotion of weight loss-mat Pilates helps you to burn a lot of calories in your body hence losing weight.
  • Body/mind awareness-the Pilate principles that focus on centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow are essential in integrating the body and mind.

2 Mental benefits of Mat Pilates

Breathing is an important procedure in mat Pilate exercises. During the exercises, you breathe deeply and slowly thus allowing proper concentration of your mind and relaxation. You teach your mind to be focused whenever doing something. In this way, you don?t suffer from anxiety, and anger depression.